This Is The Venue

Second Stage is a world-class virtual and hybrid event platform made for conferences, expos, and events of all kinds. Seamlessly integrated, our platform delivers fully-produced live streams, networking tools, and engaging experiences to your audience, no matter where they are.

Create a Meaningful Experience Your Audience Remembers


Achieve your event goals with Second Stage’s powerful platform. This is a success platform designed to level-up production value and create a rewarding experience. A platform made by event professionals for event professionals, this is an event solution. You have a story to tell, and Second Stage will hold the mic.


Our platform is safe and reliable. We use world-class communication professionals to ensure that your data, and the data from your audience, is protected. Our third-party data security partners hold your attendees’ registration information safely offsite. The liability to keep the event secure is on us, and we won’t disappoint you.


Your virtual event experience should be just as straightforward as an in-person event. Second Stage works with an in-house production team real-time to ensure an intuitive event experience. With a mainstage stream, access to photos, digital messaging, and social media, it’s all covered.



Built for your audience, this event platform can do whatever you need. Second Stage is built using AWS technology, allowing users to engage simultaneously without crashes. We know what to expect when planning a virtual or hybrid event of any size. So, whether it be 40 people or 400,000 – we can scale it to what you need.


Customer service is at the heart of who we are. This is our passion, and we will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your success. If organizers or attendees have questions, they will work directly with us. We know this is a big deal, and we will be there to help you throughout the entire process.

Engage your virtual attendees through chat, polling, breakout sessions, virtual exhibitor booths, and gamification.

This is engagement reimagined. Bring people together like never before and reach the full potential of audience engagement. Use integrated features like live streams, one-on-one session chats, and moderated Q&A sessions to empower lead-generating communities. Create a meaningful virtual experience that doesn’t sacrifice human connection.

Live or Recorded Sessions

Built to handle high-definition, 360 degree players, playback, and streaming, Second Stage delivers video that is unparalleled.

Streamlined Scheduling

Curated​ t​o enhance the audience experience, MySchedule puts the attendees in control of their own agenda. Once registered, users can customize what events they want and save it to their master schedule.

Real-time Chat

Engineered​ f​or connection, our OneChat system allows exhibitors and attendees to DM live.

The team behind Second Stage is an integral component of the Cerbelli Creative production team. Their experienced technical team helps us produce flawless virtual events that exceed our client’s expectations. We are a match made in digital heaven.

Michael Cerbelli
CEO & President of Cerbelli Creative
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Create any type of event with production quality.

Completely customizable, Second Stage is an end-to-end platform. Integrated with an in-house production team, this is an intuitive single platform that can be tailored to fit your needs. Create a unified experience that is branded to your event.

Fairs and Trade Shows

Developed with business in mind, our platform includes a virtual marketplace complete with a trade show floor and exhibitor booths.

Conferences and Forums

Use lead-generating analytics to grow your brand, network, gather data, and optimize the attendee experience.

Product Releases

Our platform goes beyond the virtual to provide your audience with an immersive and interactive hybrid experience.

We have your back.

Event planners have a lot to juggle. At Second Stage, we’ve designed an integrated platform to ensure you can keep all your balls in the air. Our platform is dynamic, intuitive, and easy-to-use, letting you focus on the other aspects that will make your event great. And, with our solutions partner, Eidecom, it’s more than just an event software, you’ll have an entire team of real people behind you.


Build your next event in just minutes.